Our Strategy

Crom employs a fundamentally-oriented, event-driven, and growth-focused investment strategy. Our approach revolves around special situation opportunities and price dislocations in illiquid markets that create attractive opportunities for structured investments.

Our expertise spans multiple asset classes including equity, debt, and convertible securities, allowing us to be flexible in choosing the structures that best realize our investment thesis. This adaptability gives us the latitude to minimize idiosyncratic risk while maximizing expected return through intelligent risk taking.

Each investment undergoes a thorough bottom-up due diligence process. Provided the right structure for the transaction, our fundamental research dictates asset allocations and allows us to concentrate our portfolio in our highest conviction ideas.

We view our moderate size as a key asset, allowing us to invest in markets that can’t support traditional, large institutions. Small cap companies that are less-trafficked often go overlooked, imparting opportunities to invest in discrepancies between fundamental value and market value that offer attractive risk/reward profiles.